A History of Snake Rings

There are of course many styles of rings available to buy today but not many of them are steeped in as much tradition as the snake ring. Both exotic and unusual people looking to buy diamond snake rings usually have a good idea of what they are looking for and have already made their minds up that it is this particular style of ring they want. Diamond snake rings are more popular than ever and are beautifully crafted exquisite pieces of jewelry. The shimmering diamonds along the body of the snake give the perfect reproduction of a snake in motion. Some people are attracted to the mythic archetypal style of snake rings that represent time and eternity more often than not when the tail is being eaten by the head. This image is the Ouroboros, an ancient symbol showing a serpent eating its own tail.

The symbol is believed to have been inspired by the Milky Way with ancient writings describing a serpent of light living amongst the heavens. The circle, which is best depicted by this particular image, has always been an important symbol of ancient civilizations representing wholeness and perfection. The ring without beginning or end also represents the Sun, Moon and Universe.

Many different cultures including Christianity, Hinduism, Aztec, Norse and Chinese depict the image of the snake ring. In Greek Mythology snake rings were worn in honour of the Greek healing god Asclepius who was struck down by Zeus fearing Asclepius would transform all of mankind into immortals with his healing powers. In the 19th Centaury the snake or serpent ring was very popular with ladies who found the style enticingly pleasing.

The snake rings could be worn in conjunction with a serpent styled bangle, broach or hatpin. As well as diamond snake rings were embedded with rubies, sapphires and many other kinds of gemstones. The Victorians were heavily influenced by treasures gathered in Roman and Greek times.

The replicated many of the nuances and were fascinated by their intricate distinctions. The popularity of the ring reached fever pitch when Queen Victoria herself chose the design of a gold sinuous snake, which was meant to give good luck. Typically diamond snake rings would not be purchased as a wedding or engagement ring unless the future husband was absolutely sure his intended bride would approve. Diamond snake rings are not suited for everybody's tastes and a surprise proposal would backfire horribly if the bride were expecting a more traditional style. The snake ring is best given as a symbolic gesture of good fortune, good health, and as a loving gift to a partner where the ring is a protective charm and represents the union of the couple and their eternal and never ending love for one another.

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