A Womans Decision To Have A Breast Augmentation

Deciding to pursue breast augmentation surgery can be exciting. However, obtaining answers to all of your questions about the procedure, and the surgeon you are consulting with can be difficult and confusing. There are many techniques employed to place the implants, different types and shapes of implants and different types of anesthesia and facilities utilized. Safety must come first, and consequently, choosing a surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is very important.

All of those thus certified have completed an accredited plastic surgery residency. Unbelievably, many doctors performing this operation have not completed this training.

Board certified anesthesiologists also insure your safety during your procedure. Choose a surgeon who has a great deal of experience with this procedure. Select a plastic surgeon that has vast experience with breast augmentation surgery.

Your consultation should be with your surgeon, not an employee of the surgeons practice.

You must feel comfortable with your surgeon, and it is impossible to know that if you do not have the opportunity to meet with her. Your surgeon should take the time to explain what implant type and size will suit your frame best, and help you select a size. While there are many different incision positions that can be used, each position has benefits and drawbacks that can and should be explained. Breast implants are not lifetime devices. Statistics about implant longevity should be discussed.

The vast majority of patients have some degree of breast asymmetry. The degree to which this can be improved is variable and can and should be assessed at the time of your consultation. Most importantly you should be allowed ample time to ask and have all of your questions answered to your satisfaction. Contact the plastic surgeon directly via e-mail if additional questions arise after the consultation.

Following breast augmentation surgery, patients are generally comfortable the night of their surgery. Pain tablets can generally be discontinued in three to four days.

Patients should start massaging their breasts within forty-eight hours of surgery, which dramatically reduces soreness. The plastic surgeon will examine patients within seventy-two hours of surgery, at three weeks, three months, and one year post-operatively. Call the office and schedule an appointment at anytime questions or concerns arise.

Breast implants are placed under the muscle of the chest wall to improve breast shape, size, and position. What To Expect: Some plastic surgeons perform this procedure under general anesthesia. The procedure takes approximately one hour.

A two inch incision is made in the crease underneath the breast and an implant is placed behind the chest wall muscle. The breast size is thus increased.

You will meet with the plastic surgeon in consultation to discuss your goals and desired size. The surgeon will examine you and possibly make suggestions about implant shape, size and type. All of your questions will be answered. Lab work will be ordered.

You will be given a written fee quotation and allowed to select your surgery date if you desire.

Upon awakening in the recovery room, you will have an elastic bandage around your chest. You will be allowed to go home one to two hours following the procedure. The surgeon will see you in the office approximately two days following the procedure and you will be placed in a sports bra. The sports bra should be worn for three weeks post-operatively. Most patients return to work at one to two weeks post surgery.

No heavy activities or lifting is allowed for three weeks. Soreness usually resolves within three to five days. Bruising and swelling should be minimal.


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