Acne Skin Care Products Which one to choose

There are literally thousands of acne skin care products on the market today. These include medications for acne treatment, products for acne prevention, makeup for acne prone people, facial cleansers, and many other products. Finding the products that work best for you takes work - and money. Most acne skin care products contain benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is on the FDA's (Food and Drug Administration) 'unsure' list. This means that the FDA has approved benzoyl peroxide for human use, but they aren't completely sure that the product is safe.

They won't know the answer to that until further testing has been done - which requires years. For this reason, if you are simply trying to prevent acne, you should use acne skin care products that do not contain benzoyl peroxide. Instead, look for products that contain natural, herbal ingredients, as opposed to products that are full of chemicals. You should note that you don't have to use products that are specifically for the treatment of acne either. You can purchase essential oils, such as Evening Primrose oil, to treat and prevent acne as well. Products such as this can easily be purchased from your local health food store.

If you are trying to cure acne, as opposed to preventing acne, you will probably have to use an acne skin care product that does contain benzoyl peroxide. However, if this is the case, try to avoid exposure to the sun while using the product. Benzoyl peroxide can make you overly sensitive to the sun, and can also increase your chances of developing skin cancer. Acne skin care products can be very inexpensive, or very expensive, depending on what you are buying.

Just because a product is expensive does not mean that it will work. However, the products that do work usually are expensive. Do your research, and purchase products that have a proven track record. This doesn't mean that the product will necessarily work for you, but the chances of it working are improved, because it has been scientifically proven to be effective for the majority of the people who use it.

Don't depend on acne skin care products alone to treat or prevent your acne. You also need to wash your face at least twice each day, keep your hair off your face, avoid using makeup, keep your hands off your face, and avoid squeezing or popping the acne pimples. If you have food allergies, you will also need to avoid those foods, as food allergies are a major cause of acne breakouts. Develop healthy eating habits, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly. This will go along way towards treating and preventing acne breakouts. Again, there are thousands of acne skin care products on the market.

Unfortunately, they don't all work. Be very selective when choosing acne skin care products, and get in the habit of reading labels so you know exactly what you are applying to your skin! The advertisements will all sound very promising, and you will be tempted to try those products. That is what advertisements are designed to do. Don't fall for it. Instead, read the product information carefully, paying more attention to the scientific information, and less attention to the hyped up sales pitch that marketing people thought up. Give the products time to work, and keep records.

Write down what product you are trying, what the ingredients of the product are, how you are using the product, when you started using the product, and what results you have achieved. Few people actually keep up with this information, but over a period of time, information such as this will be very helpful to both you and your dermatologist when it comes to curing or preventing acne. Keep in mind that it can take a product up to three months to actually work, and occasionally, your acne breakout may appear to be getting worse before it gets better.

Have a plan, and choose your acne skin care products carefully. Keep records, and use the products as directed. While your acne cannot be cured overnight, it can be cured over time.

Before long, you will know which acne skin care products work best for you, and which ones to avoid altogether. strives to provide you with the latest information with regard to acne, the best acne treatments, the "old wives' tales" and info about acne skin care products. Don't blame the blemishes, we love to help! See for yourself at: (

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