Become a Glamour Queen Draped in Fur Scarves

What's the buzzword on this year's boardwalks, catwalks, and sidewalks? It's glamour! People love glamour and you'll find many people tending to wear glamorous clothes like silk sheathed dresses, pearls and diamonds, sequins and fur stoles and shawls. And if you have a formal event or a wedding to go to this holiday season, you'll find that one of the great accessories to really dress up your dress is not a new dress or a new pair of shoes but rather a beautiful fur cape (shawl) around your neck. These fashion garments are a hot bargain accessory this season. Women love them because they cost less than a new wardrobe and yet can make it feel like they have a completely new wardrobe.

They also allow for increased versatility in moving from formal to informal events and make unique gifts for almost any occasion. Pair your cream colored floor-length dress with a beautiful real or faux fox, rabbit or mink fur. Wrap it around your neck and let it drape down your front or your back for a dramatic look. Heads will turn and eyes will pop when they see what you're wearing.

With your white or red dress.consider a black mink or rabbit. Or, with your red or black dress consider a white mink cape, or rabbit fur.

Either way, you'll create a powerful, elegant look that can make other women jealous. On your way to work, leave a stunning impression with a fur scarf against a mid-length professional cut leather jacket. In the evening, when you're out with friends, an off-white fur scarf can look great against a black or brown leather jacket and dark blue jeans.

Boots or heels are your choice. A romantic get together with your favorite guy can get even sexier when you pair a beautiful satin lingerie with a stunning fur scarf. See how versatile a scarf can be? The same scarf can make a variety of outfits look amazing. But it's not about the outfit.

A scarf should make YOU look and feel amazing. Fur scarves are a must have accessory but so are other kinds of capes and shawls too. Get silk, velvet, organza, and pashmina to accent a variety of wardrobes for work and play.

Always remember to pair opposites: smooth scarves against coarse, woven material like wool or coarser fabric against smooth material like silk or satin. For head wraps (either weather related or for chemotherapy patients) you may not want a fur headwrap but rather a smoother scarf like velvet or silk. Fur scarves - and, in fact, all of these fashion accessories - are a fabulous addition to any wardrobe to update it and turn it from glum to glam.

They make great gifts for many women in your life. Want to make an impact this holiday season? Give a beautiful fur to your mom, your sisters, and your girlfriends.but don't forget to keep a couple for yourself, too.

Beautiful, high-quality fur scarves and shawls at great prices can be had online at When it comes to fashion accessories to make you look beautiful...they are your internet source.

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