Cosmetic Nose Plastic Surgery Procedure Explained

Aesthetic cosmetic nose surgery or Rhinoplasty is a sophisticated and demanding surgical procedure for a plastic surgeon. Therefore it takes a very experienced and skillful plastic cosmetic surgeon to perform a Rhinoplasty operation properly and successfully. Although a Rhinoplasty operation may be rather complicated, the surgical procedure can usually be completed within an hour since it is quite a minor operation targetted at reshaping the nose of the patient. Since the shape of the nose on every person's face is different and as each patient wants her nose to be shaped differently, the cosmetic plastic surgeon must have extensive knowledge of a wide range of modern surgical skills and techniques so that he can choose the most suitable treatment for each Rhinoplasty patient.

Cosmetic surgeons say that almost every aesthetically imperfect nose can be made more beautiful and elegant by a Rhinoplasty surgical procedure. The nose is the most prominent feature on a person's face and that is the reason why a well executed Rhinoplasty operation can have great impact on a person wanting to look more beautiful and elegant. Many Rhinoplasty patients suffer from unsymmetrical nose features and the patients they are acutely aware that their nose imperfection is very noticeable. Many sensitive patients may even suffer from psychological depression because of this imperfection.This is amongst the many reasons why getting a nose job done up is fast gaining popularity. Many opinion poll surveys on patients who have undergone Rhinoplasty aesthetic nose surgeries showed that the patient's confidence and self esteem are boosted after a successful nose operation.

The success of an aesthetic nose cosmetic surgery will depend on many factors including anatomical particularities of a patient's skin and sub-skin structure (how the skin heals itself) and the patient's likely reaction to the operation are very important. A successful nose aesthetic surgery also depends very much on pre operation consultation and medical examination of the patient. This is when the patient's mental vision of her nose is precisely determined and matched with the various possibilities as a result of the surgical procedure. Rhinoplasty Surgical Procedure A cosmetic nose surgery is preceded by a routine examination of the patient which will include some blood tests and an ECG. Prior to the operation, photographs the patient are taken.

This is standard routine practice before any cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic plastic surgery is a completely painless procedure because of the use of modern anesthesia.If the operation is done successfully, there may not be even any scars on the patients face.

During Rhinoplasty operation, the nose bone is sculpted using special surgical instruments. Usually patients want their nose to be made smaller but it can be made bigger if the patient so desires it. When the desired size and shape are obtained, a nasal splint is put on the nose. The splint stays in place for a week to let the nasal structures heal. During the first three days after the operation, the patient will need a nasal packing which helps to prevent bleeding and supports the new shape and form of the nose.

The Rhinoplasty operation is done under enhanced local anesthesia. The patient is also given some sedative to reduce stress and tension during the operation. After the eighth day the splint will be removed and the patient will be the owner of a new nose shaped to her requirements.

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