Funny TShirt What It Says About You

Did you ever realize that just the clothing you wear might tell a lot about yourself to people who look at you? Yes, this is true. Everything you wear has something to tell about you. What you wear lets people know about your kind of taste, your mood, your sense of humor and a lot of other things. So bring a smile to someone's face by wearing a funny T-shirt. Options when buying a Funny T-shirt: Shopping for a funny T-shirt that matches your sense of humor can be a nice pastime. But when you find a whole lot of funny T-shirts which you like, trying to select one of them can be a great headache.

So, how do you select what's best. There's not just one thing to look for when buying a funny T-shirt. A superior quality, attractive color, type of material, design, climate suitability and of course budget - all these factors help us choose the right one.

Certain brands tend to have a certain style which helps when choosing a style that best suits your personality. Fabric is an important factor for choosing a shirt of this type. If you like your clothing to be soft and flexible then jersey material would be the best. If you desire a heavy material which is also quite durable, then go for interlock. Polyester and cotton fabrics are an all time favorite for many as they can be easily washed and dried.

Color is a very important factor. When we first look at something we are often grasped by the color. T-shirts are now available in various colors that you can use to say something about you from pale pink to vibrant orange. Design of course plays an important role. The wide range available these days gives you variety of choice including 'out-there' patterns to vintage prints.

Try a Customized Funny T-shirt: The new trend is wearing a personalized funny T-shirt. They are now customized using fun designs, photos, screen printing and embroidery. These offer a variety of colors, new styles and fashion. The demand for customized funny T-shirts is widely increasing. Companies often use such customized shirts with the company logo to promote the company identity and boost employee and team spirit.

Design your own Shirt: Choosing one among some best ones is fine. But how about designing one on your own for something completely different? Sounds exciting, doesn't it? You can do it. All you need is a little creativity plus paint shop pro, T-shirt transfer paper and a printer.

You can use personalized graphics or photos which can be further ironed onto the shirt. Open your favorite picture in paint shop pro. Adjust the height and width or if you wish you can even rotate the picture. Make space for entering text. Then enter the slogan you would like to have. Mirror the image.

Then make a print on special printing paper. Once the image is transferred onto paper you use a hot iron for putting the funniest design possible on your shirt. There are also a variety of sites which help you design online at a very reasonable price. So start designing one on your own and say something about yourself! Summary: Did you ever realize that just the clothing you wear might tell a lot about yourself to people who look at you? What you wear lets people know about your kind of taste, your mood, your sense of humor and a lot of other things. This is especially true of a funny T-shirt.

Brooke Hayles
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