Hidden Benefits of Skin Bronzers

Aside from giving a sexy golden brown look, bronzing your skin also has many benefits. It can conceal blemishes, unequal skin pigmentation, spider veins, and produce the illusion of reduced cellulite leading to a more toned appearance. Knowing this, a bronzer is a fine substitute for having that sun-kissed face without going under the harsh sunlight. People have used a bronzer for ages without even knowing the numerous benefits it can offer. You would think that getting a real tan is better than applying a bronzer - but you might change your mind after finding out the answers to your usual questions.

1. What's the difference between a real tan and a bronzer? Exposure to the sun also exposes the skin to UV (ultraviolet) rays that can be extremely harmful. Studies show that tanning beds, an alternative to the real deal, can also cause cancer. Both methods can be health hazards, whereas a bronzer is a safe and easy-to-use option that will still give you the golden brown effect you desire.

Plus, unlike sprawling in the sun, you can control how much darker you want to be precicely. 2. How does a bronzer work? Bronzers have an active ingredient called DHA that produces a golden glow unlike an artificial looking orange-burnt color. With the advent of DHA technology, lotions and creams now come with self-tanning ingredients.

Self-tanners contain 4-5% DHA while bronzers usually contain 2-3%. Known as a quick-fix like any other make-up, a bronzer can last up to a week like self-tanners, depending on the brand. It is usually fast drying and the natural-looking tan will develop for about an hour. Earlier products like cosmetic bronzers are washed off with soap and water. 3. What type of bronzer is right for me? Bronzers come in different types like creams and quick sprays.

One example is the Jungle Bronze Self-Tanning Spray that lasts for six to seven days. Some of these sprays come with vitamins A, C, and E, that are healthy for skin because they are great anti-oxidants. Lotions like Arden's Oil-Free Self Tanning Lotion for face and body is recommended. If you want to develop a permanent bronze, you can opt to use a daily bronzer, by which an accumulated use will result to a natural looking tan. Check the bottle if it carries DHA bronzers or not. 4.

How do I apply a bronzer? Before applying: - The skin should be clean and dry. - All jewelry should be removed. - Wear a shower cap to protect your skin and scalp from stains.

Apply onto skin in a rotating motion. Be sure to avoid sensitive areas like the eyes, eyelids, and around the lips. In applying different amounts of bronzer, make sure you consider the variations of your skin color. For example, you should put less on your face if it is lighter than your arms. To achieve a sun-kissed look, take notice of where the sun usually hits your face.

It hits heavily on the cheekbones, nose chin and collarbones, and lightly on the forehead. Although bronzers hide blemishes, it highlights wrinkles - so go gentle on those face crinkles. For the body, sweep through all the parts, especially the ankles, in between the toes, ankles and knees - if you miss some parts, your tan will look artificial. Most bronzers now do not stain on clothes unlike cosmetic ones.

When you get used the color, you can take the next step by applying a darker shade. Just make sure it still looks natural. 5. Other benefits? A bronzer can mask features such as a wide nose. Choose a shade lighter than your skin.

Test it first on a small part of your face to know if it will look natural if applied to the entire face. Using a powder brush, apply bronzer on both sides of the nose. Brush more on your cheeks and forehead to balance it off. Then take your foundation or powder to blend the bronzer.

A subtle shadow should create the illusion of a narrower nose.

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