How to Use a Proxy Server to Avoid Online Casino Prohibitions

The only way for the government to catch you gambling is for your bank to notify the government of transactions between your bank and the online casinos, but a good third party online money transfer service will make it hard for the bank to know where the money came from before it was transferred to the transfer service. For all the banks know you may be receiving money from selling items on EBay. Besides the use of third party money transfer services a big problem is that many of the online casinos are blocking IP addresses from the United States to try and avoid prosecution in the United States. Several people associated with online casinos have been arrested while traveling thru the USA in the last 2 years. The reason for this is to scare the online casino operators from accepting bets from people within the USA.

The way to avoid this is with the use of a proxy server. A proxy server is a server that will resend your requests to other servers that may be blocked to you. For example if you are outside the USA you can not access the websites for some television channels.

The reason for this has something to do with people downloading television shows from the internet but I am not sure exactly how blocking an IP address will stop people from downloading the shows they want. A proxy server will put in a request for you as if you were at the location of that server. Let's says you live in England and you want to go to a blocked website in the USA. By accessing the site thru a proxy server it is as if the proxy server is making the request then passing the information back to you.

This would also work for Americans to be able to access online casinos and gambling without the government getting involved. Proxy servers are free and to find them all you have to do is a search for proxy servers. Most of the sites you will find will have servers in most countries around the world just pick a country in Europe. Then if you are using internet explorer just follow the following steps to put it into your computer. 1. On the Internet Explorer tool bar click the Tools icon and select the Internet Options button.

2. A window will open; this window will have several tables at the top, such as general, security, privacy, content, connections, programs and advanced. Select the connections tab. 3. Now you are looking for the LAN settings button which should be at the bottom of the window. 4.

Selecting the LAN settings button will open yet another window. But in this window you will see a box for proxy servers. All you have to do is copy and past the 11 number IP address and the port number into the provided boxes. After you press ok you will be ready to serf to whatever website you want without anyone knowing where you are located.

By doing this you are keeping the online casinos names off the list of websites visited, and this stops your Internet provider from having any information to turn over to the government if ordered to turn this information over.

Martha Werbathy writes online casino reviews and enjoys playing online poker and XBOX. When she is not working, she likes to go camping and mountain bile ridding to stay in shape.

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