Mesotherapy And Liposuction Weight Loss Spot Reduction

Go ask any fitness personal trainer that you want to reduce fat on your tummy or your butt, these fitness instructors will unanimously tell you that there is no such thing as spot reduction. Well, they are correct in a way because by dieting and exercising, fat will come off from all over your body and not on selected body parts. However, let it be known that there are spot reduction methods and procedures.

It is only because these spot reduction procedures are out of the realm of fitness instructor's scope and thus they are unable to advise appropriately. Spot reduction can be achieved through medical procedures such as Liposuction and Mesotherapy treatments. So are Mesotherapy and Liposuction weight loss procedures? The Mesotherapy spot reduction treatment is series of small, pin prick injections just below the skin to mobilize & melt away body fat.

That means weight loss can be targetted at specific body parts such as the tummy, love handles, butt, thighs and flabby arms. Targetted body part fat loss is commonly known as "spot reduction". Mesotherapy can also be used for other aesthetic treatments too,like reducing puffy face fat, on the chin and eye bags.Mesotherapy works relatively well on cellulite too. Mesotherapy treatments usually require as many as 5 to 10 visits to the aesthetic doctor depending on how extensive the body part area is being treated and when the desired end result is achieved. A Mesotherapy treatment involves a combination of medications, such as vitamins, supplements and other medicines injected into the body to mobilize and burn away fat cells naturally.

A Mesotherapy procedure is usually used for weight loss program, cellulite reduction, face and neck lift (Mesolift) and even elimination wrinkles and sagging skin without any down time. A Mesotherpy patient can go back to office to work immediately after each treatment. Mesotherapy treatment was started by a French doctor in 1950 by the name of Dr. Pistor. Today, there are thousands of aesthetic doctors all over the world practicing Mesotherapy treatment. Are there any differences between Mesotherapy and Liposuction treatments? Mesotherapy is not a surgical procedure and therefore anesthesia is not required.

In stark contrast, liposuction is a surgical procedure and the use of general anesthetic is required. Mesotherapy treatment is a simple outpatient treatment without any downtime or recovery time. Whereas, a liposuction procedure requires the patient to stay in the surgical center or hospital for observation after the fat sucking procedure.

A liposuction procedure physically sucks out body fats and remove fat cells. A Mesotherapy treatment simply injects chemicals into the body to help remove body fat naturally. What are the side effects of a Mesotherapy treatment? The patient can expect some bruising on the area treated but these bruises will subside within a few days. Since there is no downtime, the patient can resume his usual activities right after the Mesotherapy treament. The Mesotherapy spot reduction procedure takes only about 20-30 minutes to complete for each treatment.

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