Prom Phenomenon Prompts Ball Gown Boom

Tired of trekking the length of the High Street in search of that elusive ball gown, UK prom-goers are sparing their shoe leather by purchasing prom dresses and ball gowns online instead. Evening dress experts such as Formaldress4u have seen online sales soar thanks to the current unprecedented demand for stylish prom dresses and ball gowns. The ball gown boom follows the decision of many UK schools to abandon out-dated school dances and opt instead for glamorous American-style proms guaranteed to give school-leavers a truly memorable send-off. This proliferation of proms has led to an upsurge in the number of girls searching for a prom dress that will make them stand out from the crowd as they prepare to celebrate the end of an era in style. Formaldress4U's Sateffine Lee sums up the huge appeal of shopping for ball gowns online: - Online customers like the fact that they don't have to waste time and money travelling into town to fight with the crowds when they're shopping for prom dresses.

"They prefer sitting in the comfort of their own home, without being rushed or jostled, so they can really enjoy the experience of choosing the evening dress of their dreams." "To meet the recent demand for prom dresses and ball gowns, we're constantly extending and updating our range of evening dresses so there's something to suit every taste and every budget. We're only too aware that parents of prom-goers don't have bottomless pockets!" For many girls, buying an extra-special formal dress can be the highlight of the year, be it a stunning ball gown for a school prom, an elegant evening dress for a Christmas dance or a beautiful bridesmaid dress for a friend's wedding. Memories of that first all-important ball gown or special dress are often cherished by both mothers and daughters for the rest of their lives.

However, finding the perfect dress for a special occasion can be a time-consuming and frustrating pursuit, which explains the recent wave of prom-goers and party-goers who have turned their backs on crowded changing rooms in favour of the tempting tranquillity of online boutiques. With the trend for school proms looking set to continue, the hunt for original and memorable prom dresses and evening dresses will no doubt go on. Fortunately, thanks to the emergence of online ball gown suppliers such as Formaldress4U, the process in now far less stressful. For even a glance at Formaldress4U's elegant online ball gown collection reveals that any modern-day Cinderella will be sure to cut a dash at their big event - even if it means the immortal line from the well-known fairytale being changed to "You shall go to the prom".

For media enquiries or for more information on prom dresses, ball gowns and evening dresses for any special occasion, please contact Sateffine Lee at Formaldress4u.

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