The Best Acne Treatment Is Right In Your Kitchen

So you have broken out with a bad attack of acne, have you? Chances are that you are quite upset and have probably lost no time at all in looking for a remedy for your acne problem. But if you have thought of looking in the shops, why not stop and think about what you can find closer to home, right in your own kitchen, in fact!! Acne solutions are closer than you think. Before you work yourself into a state of distress over your acne problem, remember that there is help at hand, no more than a stone throw away, in your own kitchen!! All too often, people with skin problems tend to look at products that are commercially available, quite forgetting that they can get so much more from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables, without spending a penny. Some magic for your acne problems. So let us take a look at what we have got. You will be amazed once you really try to start looking for acne remedies in your kitchen.

Here are a few examples: Apply a paste of honey and cinnamon powder on your acne before you go to sleep at night. Wash it off the next morning, using warm water. Do this for two weeks and watch your acne vanish for good! Apply toothpaste on your acne at bedtime and wash it off in the morning. You may have to do this a few times, but you will surely see the difference it makes to your skin. Apply a pulp of ripe tomatoes on your acne, leave it on for one hour and wash it off.

Do this a few times and watch the effect on your skin. Cover painful acne swellings with strawberry leaves and watch the swellings subside. Wash your face and then pat the acne affected areas with balls of cotton wool soaked in vinegar. A paste of fenugreek leaves applied to your acne overnight and washed off the next day is very effective.

Lightly apply a small quantity of egg white on your pimples, leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off. Grind sesame seeds to a paste with water and use it as a pack to heal skin that has been inflamed by rashes, allergies or acne. Do the same thing with orange peel, use it as a facemask and remove it after half an hour. Watch your skin glow! Another effective remedy for acne is a paste of sandalwood made with rose water and applied to the acne.

Wash it away after half an hour. Your best bet for acne problems. Well, those are just a few examples of acne remedies that could be available to you any time you want. Why go through the headache of coping with treatments and medications you know very little about and take the risk of dealing with unpleasant side effects, when you can get so much for so little right in your own home? What could be better than treating your acne with natural products straight from your kitchen? Even acne treatment products that claim to contain natural ingredients can never be quite the same as the stuff that comes right out of your kitchen. You would surely agree with that! Of course it is true that some of these treatments may have to be repeated several times before you can really see the difference. But then, you know that you are getting the very best of care from natural products.

What more could you want? So the next time you have an outbreak of acne, resist the urge to look for remedies in the shops and go instead to your very own kitchen, where you know you will find everything you need to treat your acne. Plenty of reason to keep smiling!!.

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