The Truth About Acne And Stress

There has been some confusion about the relationship between acne and stress. You could say the jury is still out on the issue of whether acne can be caused by the stresses and strains of everyday life. In the final assessment, it has been established through research in certain cases, there could be some truth in this statement. Facts about acne and stress. But we have already seen that acne cannot be caused by stress.

So what are we trying to say here? This is how it works. When the body is under stress, the secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline from the adrenal glands is stepped up. It is quite well known that the adrenal gland is stimulated to produce adrenaline when the body is being prepared for 'fight or flight'. Production of these hormones is controlled by the brain. They are secreted along with androgens, which stimulate the production of sebum, which in turn encourage the development of acne. The other fact has been established is that stress can slow down the process of healing, which also applies to acne.

In fact, the rate of this slowdown could be as high as 40%, which seems to suggest that acne could be connected to stress. Other ways that stress can affect acne. Apart from all this, poor eating habits in times of stress are thought to have a bearing on the outbreak of acne and the extent of the problem.

Stress seems to exacerbate the acne problem and could also have a damaging effect on the overall health of the skin. In times of stress, the adrenal cortex is stimulated to produce cortisol. Cortisol is a steroid that activates the secretion of sebum, which in excess, tends to encourage the development of acne. An experiment conducted in 2002 proved that stress could be instrumental in the way acne developed and the intensity of the breakout among students taking an examination.

There is also a condition called acne urticata that affects middle aged women. This condition, despite its name, actually qualifies as a kind of eczema rather than acne, and troubles women who have been under stress or are prone to some kind of depression. Beat stress to cure your acne.

In view of all these observations, it is better for people who have a tendency to break out with acne to avoid situations of stress, tension, worry and anxiety, all of which could play a part in making their acne problem worse. If you have a stressful way of life, you may just end up making your acne worse. This does not mean that acne is a direct consequence of stress.

On the other hand, simply that the way you live your life is bound to affect your skin. And skin is generally regarded as the largest organ in the body. To some extent, predisposition to acne can be triggered by stress. It is also been seen that people who work in areas where there is plenty of grease can develop acne.

If the environment is also stressful, such as that of a fast food restaurant, chances of developing acne are pretty high. Other ways to soothe your acne. You could minimize the possibility of developing acne through stress consciously taking time out to relax and unwind. Make sure you take in a balanced diet and get enough sleep. Do remember that you must have some regular exercise every day, however mild it may be. Make a conscious effort to relax every day by reading, doing yoga etc.

, in short whatever activity helps you to release tension. It is sure to make a difference to your general health and will definitely have a positive impact on the health of your skin as well. Well, the apparent link between acne and stress is rather thought provoking, even if it is not very direct?.

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