Women Arent The Only Ones Concerned About Skincare And Preventing Wrinkles

How many times have you been told that beauty is only skin deep? You hear that a lot from older people who tell you that you should concentrate on inner beauty as opposed to the outer. I'm sure that that's true, and all of my friends know that I am a kind gentle person, who is spiritual and always ready, willing and able to help those in need. That does not make me feel better when I look in the mirror and see, "laugh lines" around my mouth. Trust me, I'm not laughing.

Women think they are the only ones that despise the signs of aging that begins to appear on our faces as we get older. I've had countless women say to me that men get more distinguished looking as they age. Yeah, right. Leave it to a woman to be self centered enough that she thinks aging is all about her. I have no shame when it comes to trying to stop age from making a life long appearance on me. I happily dye my beard to make myself look 10 years younger.

I shaved my head a few years ago and instantly took years off and found out that women loved it! My wife likes it and so do I. You can go ahead and call me a wuss if you like, but I have no problem with going to my wife for advice on preserving my youthful look. You know the old saying, behind every good man, there' s a good woman and my wife has proven this to be the case. Some of the advice she has given me, I'm sure has contributed to my hunky looks. We both strive to eat nutritious foods, since a lack of proper nutrients will go a long way to advance the appearance of age.

Neither one of us leaves the house without putting on plenty of sun block. We both play tennis and with the sun beating down on our faces, we know that it can dry out our skin and cause a lot of damage, the worst of which could be skin cancer. A lot of people are careful to put on sun block before heading outside, but many just apply it once before leaving the home. They don't think about how sweating may reduce the effectiveness to nothing. They also might not realize that they need lip protection as well.

My wife wears a lipstick that has a sun block in it; I have found a lip balm that gives the same benefit. We also drink lots of water, even when we are not playing tennis. Without the proper hydration, the skin can wrinkle even faster. It doesn't hurt to put down the beer can and have an icy cold glass of water instead. The next time you macho men get annoyed because your wife turned her head to look at the hunk jogging down the street, remember that hunk was probably me.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as anti wrinkle cream at http://www.antiwrinklecreamplus.com

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