So you have grown your hair, but now what do you do with your long hair? Long hair does not have to mean 'boring'.

Long hair offers many different hairstyle options, that other hair lengths do not. A layered long hairstyle is a very versatile cut that gives definition to the face.

You can totally change your long hairstyle look by wearing your part differently. Try a middle, side or a zig zag part, and you will surprised at how much your appearance can change.


This cut suits people who want rock star texture and style but without the fuss. A little product and air-drying is all you need to style. This cut adds texture to fine hair and lightens thick hair.

The shortest layers should hit the bottom of your ears. Use scissors not a razor to leave ends feathery.

Maintenance: Cut every 3 or 4 months though you may go about 7 months without ill effects.

Long with Bangs

This cut emphasizes eyes and cheeks. Long faces need bangs to cover the eyebrows, round faces look best with choppier bangs..

Start with long bangs as they are more flexible. Curve the fringe so the pieces on the sides are longer, its more flattering than dead straight across.

Maintenance: Get a trim every 10 weeks or so.

Long Straight

With the exception of baby-fine hair, which will look limp, this popular look works on most types of hair. But since long straight hair has nowhere to hide it should be in tip-top shape.

Be firm! Hairstylists always want to give a hair a "cut" but don't be intimidated. Slight layering on the ends will help the cut grow out.

Maintenance: A minimal trim every 4-6 weeks is great for getting rid of split ends.

Long Curls

Long curls are incredibly sexy as long as you have patience to style them. Hair must be naturally curly and at least a few inches past the shoulders.

Always cut hair dry with the shortest layers at the lip. Thin the hair a bit throughout to create separation and make it looser and easier to style.

Maintenance: Style when it's damp, after that no touching! Since ends are not that noticeable you don't have to trim so often.

Long and Natural

This style suits either extremely curly or African American hair with lots of length. If you don't have longhair, get a weave, which lasts 3 months.

No Razors! Only Scissors should be used to cut this style otherwise you risk frizz. Hot rollers make the best loose but volumey ringlets

Maintenance: Make curls last by tying on a silk scarf at bedtime then you only need to wash them weekly.

Long Layers

For those who love the look of long, Gisele-like hair, but want volume and versatility.

Layers should start at about an inch below chin length. If it's too short and you'll end up with "The Rachel." Layer the back as well so you get movement and a nice curve throughout the hair.

Maintenance: To avoid straggly ends, get a trim every 3 months and don't over-wash your hair. Long layers actually look better a few days after washing.


images from http://www.hairstylesdesign.com