Men's hair style

There's no doubt that "hair" and its related terms are among the most highly searched topics on Well, stranger things have happened. After all, we have arrived at a time when men are foregoing their neighborhood barber for hairstylists, and some guys are even paying premium prices for high-end hairstyling products.

In order to bring you the latest hair trends for men -- and equip myself to answer some of the most popular questions -- I consulted with hairstylist Ferdinando from Le Pascha men's grooming center. While many answers boiled down to the fact that "it all starts with the right haircut," Ferdinando had a lot to say about the current trends in men's hair, as well as what should be cut from the fashion list.

the latest in men's hair styles

The short hairdo
You might have spotted the shorter hairstyles sported by celebrities like Brad Pitt, P. Diddy, and David Beckham. Now by short I'm talking really short, as in almost shaved. So why can't you just take a razor to your head and shave it all off yourself? Because in order to sport the ultra-trendy version of this short do, you need to make sure the area surrounding your ears (from the back of the ear, forward) is shorter than the rest of your head. So if you've got the almost shaved look, then that patch near your ears should be practically bald. And if the majority of your hair is longer, then that area near your ears should be relatively short.

This begs the question: doesn't this end up looking like a mushroom cut, or even a mullet? Not really. But the complete answer can be found in the next hairstyle.

The mullet meets the mohawk
Keep reading... Mullets made a brief comeback in 2001, when the David Spade vehicle, Joe Dirt was released. And now, perhaps because of the '80s resurgence, mullets are returning, full throttle. But keep in mind, this is the cool mullet. In order to get the look I'm referring to, let your hair grow to about collar-length (making sure it's the same length all around). Here's the clincher: the sides (from the back of the ear, forward) are shaved, and the top of the hair is styled into a quasi-mohawk.

The side part
For the more conservative dudes out there, a more classic look is an equally trendy option. Whether you choose to grow your hair out and give it a "shaggy" look, or opt for a shorter do, you can sweep your fronts (otherwise known as "bangs") to the side. Just make sure your fronts aren't longer than eyebrow level.

natural is where it's at

The expression that says it all is "back to basics." Your hair should be no-fuss, and although there are some funky-sounding men's hairstyles out there, achieving a great look all starts with the right haircut.